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Executive Recruitment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is nuclear experience necessary or a major advantage across all of the roles?

Nuclear experience will be necessary for some of the roles, see full list of roles for more information. However, nuclear experience is not essential for more than half of the roles and we are keen to hear from individuals who can bring a wealth of experience from other industries.

2. Why are you replacing so many roles?

In March 2017, the Secretary of State announced the NDA’s decision to terminate the current contract with Cavendish Flor Partnership (CFP). This means that from 1 September 2019 the CFP leadership team will be leaving  the organisation and a new team is being recruited to replace them. 

3. How flexible is Magnox in terms of location?

The Magnox Head Office is based at Oldbury, South Gloucestershire and the majority of the staff in support functions are based there. For the Executive positions, frequent travel to this location and to the other 12 Magnox sites will be an integral part of the job. However, there will be flexibility on base location. For senior roles in the support functions, frequent attendance at Oldbury will be an integral part of the job, as will travel to other Magnox sites as required. Again, there may be flexibility on base location. Some roles (eg Closure Directors) are location specific. Please see the information on individual posts for details.

4. How flexible is Magnox in terms of working hours?

The Magnox organisation has many different work patterns and depending on the job requirements they can be flexible where this suits the individual. 

5. Will these vacancies be advertised internally within the Magnox organisation?

These jobs will be advertised within Magnox, across the NDA estate and externally. All candidates will be subject to the same selection process and the best candidate will be selected for the job. The aim is to create a team of dedicated leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds, skills and experience.

6. What is the relationship with the NDA?

From 1 September Magnox will be a subsidiary of the NDA and the NDA will provide Non-Executive Directors to the board.